Missed hackDuke? Here's a weekend recap!

Main Prize Winners

First Place: $5000 | Sign Language To Speech

Second Place: $2000 | Art Genius

Third Place: $1000 | Air Instruments

Novice Prize: $1000 | Gravity Bell

Other Top Projects


Wireless MIDI Floor Instrument Solutions

Oculus Dual Web Cam Kinect Servo Nerf Turret

Pebble based Gesture Interface for Android



Sora Cloud Gaming Platform

The Swolster

Sponsor and Category Prizes Winners

Epic Games: Best Game | Air Instruments

eBay: Best Commerce App | CrowdCrunch

AT&T/Intel Developer Challenge | NorthStar: Portable OnStar for Drivers, Athletes, Soldiers, and Senior Citizens

Innovation co-lab: Best Education Related App (Duke Only) | Inquizio

Best Use of Coinbase API | bitBUYbit

Google Prize: Coolest use of a Google API | NorthStar: Portable OnStar for Drivers, Athletes, Soldiers, and Senior Citizens | ChaChing

Best Usage of SendGrid API | EducationApp

Thiel Foundation: Under 20 Prize | Sign Language To Speech

Best use of a Microsoft Platform | Air Instruments

Best Twilio Hack | All4D

500+ students

Awesome people.
Awesome ideas.

Meet students from other schools in the South East Atlantic. What will you make in just 24 hours?

$10,000+ in prizes

Plenty of prizes.
Plenty of fun.

The team that makes the best app will be awarded with prizes. But in between hacking make sure you have time to enjoy the fun activities and delicious food we have planned.

Register for free

2pm Nov 16th - 5pm Nov 17th
Duke University, N.C.

Sign up for free as a team or individual

Frequently Asked Questions

When? Where?

Starts: November 16, 2pm
Ends: November 17, 5pm
Hosted on Duke University's West Campus

What can I make?

We welcome all software and hardware hacks.
We will have lab space for hardware hackers.

Who can I work with?

Anyone! Get to know your fellow programmers better from your own school and from other schools as well!
The only request that we have is that you have a max of 4 people on your team and that you make a new friend.


If you're from coming in from UMD, UVA, VTech, GATech, or in-state we'll be sending you a bus or reimbursing travel costs. Reach out to us ([email protected]) if you haven't already secured yourself a seat on the bus. But hurry! Spots are running out!

Did someone say prizes?

Yes! We'll be giving away:

And a bunch of other prizes :D

What are the prize categories?

  • Best Overall Hack
  • Best Novice Hack (if this is your first Hackathon)

And more to be announced soon!

Am I going to have fun?

Heck yeah! There's going to be:

  • An onsite barista to keep you caffeinated
  • A Nerf Gun War! Pew pew!
  • Lots of tech talks

Have a suggestion? Send us a message! :)

Anything I should remember to bring?

Bring your own ethernet cables. (or you can just WIFI)
Bring any Nerf gun arsenal you have!

How do I get in touch?

Contact us at [email protected].

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